Burning the Iceburg: The Alaskan Fisherman's Novel
by Whit Deschner

BURNING THE ICEBERG is the bawdy memorable portrait of the Alaskan salmon industry: The fishing, the fishermen, the strikes, the Japanese takeover. It is an unabashed collage of characters: Norwegians, Eskimos, drunks, and opportunists, who, like the salmon they chase, strive in their own means and encounter their own unseen nets. BURNING THE ICEBERG is the vivid and distinguished portrayal of the passing of an era.

Comments from readers:

Burning the Iceberg is physical conflict married to the spiritual in fine writing. A work of superb social protest.

—Zola Ross, Co-founder Pacific Northwest Writers Conference

...a fast paced, rollicking novel with a healthy plot. --Alaska Fishermen's Journal
Deschner wraps fishermen up in a tale that captures the thrill of the big haul and the agony of trying to land in safely...

—Steve Shapiro, Pacific Fishing

Includes postage to the U.S. & Canada

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