The 2010 Great Salt Lick was the best yet earning $8000 for the Parkinson’s Center of Oregon, under Oregon Health Science University. It was filmed by OPB and the event will appear on Oregon Art Beat this fall or next spring. There were 55 blocks entered which comes out to an average of $145 per block. (way to go Baker!) Unfortunately in the chaos not all blocks were documented.
This year's awards:
1st place—John Heriza - "Ledge Creek" & "Hole in One" - $200
2nd place—Steve & Mickey Edwards - "Fortress of Solitude" - $150
3rd place—Inga Thompson - "Lick Back Mountain" - $100
4th place—Paula Ralis - "Lil Licker" - $50
Best Forgery
—Michael McVey - "Clay Lick" - $75
Closest resemblance to Michael J Fox—Tyler Newberry - $75
Best Poem with Block—Gingery Savage - "Ode to OPB" - $75
People's Choice—Kathy Pennington - "Art Lick" - $75
The most a block sold for was $525 created by Rose Fisher  “Venus De Moo Low” “Wholey Grail” cast in bronze sold for $550