The 10th Annual Great Salt Lick Contest/Auction/Benefit will be held September 17, 2016 at Crossroads Art Center, 2020 Auburn, Baker City OR. All auction proceeds, will go to OHSU Parkinson's Center of Oregon. Over $1000 will be given out in prize money. This year besides best poem with block there will be a $100 sacred cow poem.Last year about a fourth of the proceeds ($3000) went to a giant bronze salt lick sculpture that is dedicated to Parkinson’s awareness. It is Baker’s first public sculpture, and it sits now in downtown Baker on the new Court Street Plaza just off of Main. Thanks to those who contributed to the auction last year to help make this possible.

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The Great Salt Lick Contest

The Great Salt Lick/Salt Lick City Contest started as a joke. There may have been a beer or two involved...

I was sitting on the porch of a friend’s cabin admiring the shape of a salt lick the deer had worked on and I began thinking that it sure beat some of the sculptures in parks and in front of buildings. You know the ones—the boulders with a chip knocked out of them masquerading as art that some artist has been paid a six-figure sum for.

Not only were the animals creating these blocks not getting paid, but they were being eaten. In any case the idea of a contest formed and one thing led to another...

October 27th 2007, after a one-month showing, 29 blocks were auctioned off for a total of just over $4,000—a heroic effort from the small-but-great community of Baker County, Oregon. The blocks came from as far away as Las Vegas, and even included a salt block from Germany (submitted in photographic form).

Link to OPB saltlick show:

Since that first show the event has made the front page of the Portland Oregonian, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Artbeat and National Public Broadcasting’s Weekend edition. In eight years the event has raised over $75,000 donated to the Oregon Health and Science University/Movement Disorder Clinic.

Make sure that you are familiar with the contest rules, and try and get your licks at least 5 days before the event. Increase your chances of winning by washing your block and giving it a clever name.

Good Luck,