Travels With a Kayak
by Whit Deschner
Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award/Humor

Spanning 30 years of international paddling New Zealand, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Great Britain, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, Alaska (and not forgetting the Grand Canyon)Travels With a Kayak is Whit Deschner's hilarious, yet sometimes harrowing, accounts of his illustrious whitewater escapades.

Praise for Travels with a Kayak:

Whit Deschner, possibly canoeing's most entertaining writer, has written a book about his 'Travels with a Kayak'. It's packed full of hilarious and sometimes horrific paddling stories, many of which seem way too far fetched to be true, even though we have it on good authority that such unbelievable things did really happen. If you think you've got great stories to tell. don't open your mouth until you've read this book. You might well find your little escapades pale into insignificance compared to this man's. There are some great old school photos in the book and plenty of useful information if you fancy doing a bit of traveling yourself. Travels with a Kayak had us laughing out loud all the way through. It's superb.

—Heather Gunn PLAYBOATING (Great Britain)

If you think or want to believe that there truly may be something funny about nearly everything, then you must view the world of kayaking through the eyes of Whit Deschner in his new book, Travels With a Kayak. His hilarious stories are actually “stories where fiction and fact live recklessly in sin together. It's Whit's way, we like it. Even the copyright page is funny.

—Jan Nesset CANOE & KAYAK MAGAZINE December

In writing the book, Deschner clearly had one purpose in mind: To make his readers laugh. He succeeds admirably! Travels With a Kayak is one of the funniest adventure travel books I have ever read.


From the web.... Whit's 'Travels With A Kayak' is a splendid read in a sort of pick it up for half an hour at time sort of way, rather than a cover to cover can't put it down kind of thing. The bloke's sense of humour is brilliant, very dry and surreal, and it comes through in his writing brilliantly.

—a reader in Britain

There is very little to not like about this book. Deschner juxtaposes adventure travel with soul searching, and makes you laugh the entire trip.

—a reader in the U.S.

This is international kayaking described in a humorous way that goes beyond the "we went, we paddled huge holes, we got scared, we cheated death and came home" school of writing. It drifts from rivers to people to places in a way that is even readable by that strange species of human being, the non kayaker.

—a reader in Australia

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