Books by Whit Deschner - published by The Eddie Tern Press

All editions are paperback

Travels with a Kayak (1997)

International Kayaking for kayakers and non-kayakers.

Awards:  Winner of the the Benjamin Franklin Award (humor).

$20.00 ea.

The Early Word Gets the Burn (2017)

The Short Stories of Whit Deschner.  132 pages.

$10.00 ea.

Lapses in Synapses (2013)

The Random Logic and General Chaos of Whit Deschner; Whit Deschner’s humorous prose and poems.  160 pages.

$12.00 ea.

Burning the Iceberg (1991)

The Alaskan Fisherman’s Novel; a rollicking tale of violence, sex and salmon, set in Bristol Bay.  262 pages.

$10.00 ea.

We Will Not Cease (2005)

Written by Archibald Baxter; North American edition edited and updated by Whit Deschner.

The New Zealand Classic; of one man’s incredible fight against fighting in WW1 224 pages.

$10.00 ea.

Gliding into Trouble

Written by Tom Deschner.  Forward by Whit Deschner.  Edited by Whit Deschner.

The accounts of Four WW2 Student Glider Pilots: Tom Deschner, Bob Hardin, Harry DeLong and John Fournier.

$12.00 ea.

A Burning Desire And Other Poems

Written by Whit Deschner.  Illustrated by Nancy Coffelt.

Whit’s light verse. Good fun. “Whit is a master of twisted hyperbole”—Baxter Black

85 pages.

$8.00 ea.

These books also by Whit Deschner; out of print:

How to be a Jerk in Bristol Bay: An Abuser’s Guide (1992)

Does the Wet Suit You? The Confessioins of a Kayak Bum (1981)

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