The Great Salt Lick Contest

Welcome to the 15th Annual Great Salt Lick Auction Saturday, September 16, 2023

Viewing at 5:30 pm

Auction begins at 6:30 pm

Get your licks in now!

Enter them at Oregon Trail Livestock Supply, Richland Feed and Seed or Churchill School


  • People's Choice:   1st: $100   2nd: $75   3rd: $50
  • Forgeries:   1st: $100   2nd: $75   
  • Most artistically licked block:   1st: $150   2nd: $100   3rd: $75   4th: $50
  • Best Poem with a block:   1st: $100   2nd: $75   3rd: $50
  • Best Poem without a block:   1st: $100   2nd: $75   3rd: $50

All auction proceeds will go to OHSU Parkinson's Center of Oregon. $1,225 will be given out in prize money. This year's poem theme is "Still Lickin'."

The contest is currently accepting entries. If you wish to get your block into the show the deadline for submission is September 9; please get your entries in as early as possible. Blocks entered after Sept. 9 may or may not be eligible for prize money.

Free replacement blocks will be supplied by Oregon Trail Livestock Supply, Baker City, or, Richland Feed and Seed, Richland.  (no replacement block at Churchill School, Baker City).

Questions? Call Whit at 541-519-2736

If you have never attended and want to know more here is a link to the National Public Broadcast’s Weekend Edition’s piece (2013) NPR.

The Great Salt Lick Contest has now earned over $175,000 for Parkinson’s Research at OHSU. Thank you to all who have contributed or donated to this event.

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